Damn you, Adam Silvera

When I was sixteen, I moved to a neighboring state without my parents. During my absence, my maternal grandfather died, and I had to return home to be with my mom. Her father's death broke her. At sixteen I was both annoyed and confused. My mother's father had been both physically and mentally abusive to … Continue reading Damn you, Adam Silvera

All Man-Boobs And Flat Ass

Last fall I returned to college, primarily for entertainment. At fifty-seven, I found myself in the company of perky breasts and firm buttocks. My classmates and gravity had obviously not had the pleasure. Now, I'm not the type of guy that seeks out these sort of things. But, skinny-jeans and undersize t-shirts leave little to … Continue reading All Man-Boobs And Flat Ass

Remember That Morning? 1.1

I got lost in your kiss, in the bitter coffee aftertaste and the stale smell of sweat on the fringes of your long hair. Your hand found its way to my cheek and calmed the passionate morning sun. My synapses misfired. And then it happened. Remember? Her trusting smile appeared on the face of your … Continue reading Remember That Morning? 1.1