Damn you, Adam Silvera

When I was sixteen, I moved to a neighboring state without my parents. During my absence, my maternal grandfather died, and I had to return home to be with my mom. Her father's death broke her. At sixteen I was both annoyed and confused. My mother's father had been both physically and mentally abusive to... Continue Reading →

The Upside Of Unrequited: 1st Summer Reread

At eight years old I got served a sound bitch slap, with a side of wedding cake. It was my first experience with change, and I did not handle it well. Shit, did I mention I was eight? The bride was my oldest sister. She was fifteen when I was born; my mother was forty-eight. […]

Radio Silence

Hello. I hope somebody is listening.                        -Radio I got around to reading Radio Silence by Alice Oseman this past weekend. Man! I was missing out. The characters are diverse, something you don't see often. Not only that, Ms. Oseman wrote them in a way... Continue Reading →

Ghosting Or Death?

I walked the ruins today. Your shadow was there, everywhere, threading, suffocating. A toxic gas from dying embers. The boy at the coffee shop brought our standing order only to find out I was alone - he appeared pleased. For a split-second, I got angry. He offered to hang out sometime. It was awkward. The... Continue Reading →

My Life Is A Telenovela

  He's rich; I'm poor. He's white; I'm Mexican-American. Together we have all the disadvantages necessary for the perfect relationship - if my life were a gay Telenovela.    

Final Thoughts On: One Of Us Is Lying

The inside cover of One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus reads: Pay Close Attention And You Might Solve This. I took this as a challenge, so I began this read with plenty of arrogance confidence. I'd figure out who killed Simon. I could then gloat write on my brilliance abilities. Bite me, Benedict... Continue Reading →

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