Final Thoughts On: One Of Us Is Lying

The inside cover of One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus reads: Pay Close Attention And You Might Solve This.

I took this as a challenge, so I began this read with plenty of arrogance confidence. I’d figure out who killed Simon. I could then gloat write on my brilliance abilities. Bite me, Benedict Cumberbatch!

Yeah, right.

Not that I didn’t try. Every so often I’d flip back a few pages to confirm one of my many suspicions. Each one turned into an epic fail. I’m ashamed to say I flopped at channeling my inner Sherlock. Halfway through the book, I considered Ms. McManus to be wicked crafty and read without pause.

Take my advice. Forget the pseudo challenge written on the inside cover. Relax and enjoy an engaging story of five kids whose lives get F’d Up after a fatal incident.

This read is a solid 4 out of 5, and a candidate for my summer reread list. (Summer for us begins on June 20th!)

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