The Upside Of Unrequited: 1st Summer Reread

At eight years old I got served a sound bitch slap, with a side of wedding cake. It was my first experience with change, and I did not handle it well. Shit, did I mention I was eight?

The bride was my oldest sister. She was fifteen when I was born; my mother was forty-eight. Because of the age difference, my sister raised me. I became her Mexican Ken doll. I guess. I mean, she was a child herself.

Anyway, by that age, I knew she was my sister and not my mother. But, she continued to care for me, so I ran to her with all the drama of a spoiled child. (I was the baby boy in a large Mexican-American family- that is like finding the golden ticket in our culture.)

Then she got married, moved away, and my world came crashing in on me. Change sucks.

I think my childhood experience gave me a different perspective on The Up Side Of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli than most readers. This book is my first summer of 2017 reread. And for me, it’s all about accepting and adjusting to inevitable change.

Several topics could be the center point of this book. Love. Homophobia. Body issues. For me, it was the way change affected Cassie and Molly. It was a downer reading what these characters experienced having experienced something similar.

But all is well that ends well, particularly when a cute, sweet, geeky boyfriend is involved.

3 1/2 out of 5








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