Damn you, Adam Silvera

When I was sixteen, I moved to a neighboring state without my parents. During my absence, my maternal grandfather died, and I had to return home to be with my mom. Her father's death broke her. At sixteen I was both annoyed and confused. My mother's father had been both physically and mentally abusive to... Continue Reading →

The Drive

I dreamt we rode in a car at night. You drove. It rained. The puddles lining the side of the road mirror the glare of the street lamps above. Glowing orbs of pleasant memories rushed past. I want to turn and face you. I can't. I don't. I taste the tension between us; it's metallic.... Continue Reading →


Around three in the morning, the feeling creeps in. It begins with a heaviness anchored in my chest. Not as if I'm going to cry, but like I've cried too much. I take deep confessional breaths to open my lungs. My strategy seldom works, but I try anyway. Next, come the visuals. Behind my eyelids,... Continue Reading →

Homespun Conversion Therapy

My mother's attempts at raising a straight boy failed miserably. I'm sure she meant well, but her tactics were not exactly scientific. The Solitary Approach In my early teens, my mother tried keeping me away from boys. To shield me, I guess. She claimed I'd get hurt. I'll admit I got my share of scrapes... Continue Reading →

A Hollow Reverie

A crescent fantasy burning bright, deep within of dancing on the edge of the moon with you A reoccurring dream past the fear and the dread where I climb and I claw search the star for you. A hollow reverie when I shake, and I rise in a sweat as I'm flung to the sun... Continue Reading →

Lost But Not Defeated

There is a difference between losing and being defeated. I lost at loving you, yes, but I will, in time, find the courage to stand in front of someone else and allow myself a second chance. The cuts have left their scars, and the bruises are still visible. For those who take notice. I tell... Continue Reading →

A Cold Beer

I have no desire┬áto indulge in the youth of summer. Those with sturdy bodies cloaked in delicate skin. Those with wet board shorts clinging to their buttocks The outline of want exposed, inviting. Those with which the dance is too easy, a look, a smile, a compliment. A cold beer. Rendering the encounter to a... Continue Reading →

Not All Skinny Men Are Dogs

You are going to hate me. I am one of those annoying, whiny bitches who complains about not being able to put on weight. I imagine your fingers over the keyboard, the cursor on the comment section, ready to bash me. Fine. Before you tear me a new one, listen up. Just like fat-shaming, there... Continue Reading →

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