All Man-Boobs And Flat Ass

Last fall I returned to college, primarily for entertainment. At fifty-seven, I found myself in the company of perky breasts and firm buttocks. My classmates and gravity had obviously not had the pleasure. Now, I'm not the type of guy that seeks out these sort of things. But, skinny-jeans and undersize t-shirts leave little to … Continue reading All Man-Boobs And Flat Ass

Precious Moment In Time

Graduation season is upon us. This year I'll attend three events. The first was last Thursday morning where my great-niece completed her years as an elementary school student. After the awards ceremony, we walked outside and took pictures. That afternoon I reviewed the photographs and that familiar feeling of regret settled in the pit of … Continue reading Precious Moment In Time

Manchester, Portland, And Family

We throw shade at each other, spew unwanted advice, and our alliances change with the weather. We're family, that is what we do. In reality, We're harmless, like declawed cats. But, that doesn't keep us from posturing. As much as we argue, you can bet your last dime that when one of us falls on … Continue reading Manchester, Portland, And Family